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Meal and cake are used primarily as a valuable high-protein product. They are included in the diet of animals, birds, fish, both in pure form and as additives in animal feed and contain large amounts of protein and minerals necessary for the growth and development of animals, have high nutritional value, which improves the quality of meat and milk, increase animal productivity and improve their health.

Corn and feed grains are widely used as feed crops in the diet and fattening of animals.


Sunflower, soybean, and rapeseed are the basis of most animal feeds. Meal is necessary for the growth and development of animals, they are well digestible, have high nutritional value, which can improve the quality of meat and milk, increase animal productivity and improve their health. Appearance: granules or scattering with a characteristic odor.
Delivery volumes by agreement.
Packaging: pre-packaged and in bulk.
Delivery is possible by road, rail and sea transport, as well as container transportation.


Types: sunflower, rapeseed, corn. Recommended for use in livestock, fish and poultry farms. It is rich in protein, fat and micronutrients, making it a valuable source of nutrients for animals. Unlike meal, cake contains a significant proportion of oil — about 7-10%. Cake has a positive effect on the development and productivity of animals. Sunflower cake is used for fattening cattle, cows, horses, as well as pigs, laying hens and other poultry.

The scope of delivery is agreed upon by agreement.
Delivery is possible by different types of transport.


We sell feed grain for livestock and poultry. The properties of the grain were highly appreciated by farmers involved in livestock and poultry farming. Each type of grain has its own advantages.
Feed wheat contains vitamin B and is used for feed mixtures. A leading grain crop in many countries, it is also used as a fodder crop.
Feed barley is one of the most valuable concentrated animal feeds, because it is rich in protein, starch, vitamins and minerals, it has excellent nutritional value and high energy value.
Volume of delivery by agreement.
Delivery by different modes of transport.


We supply feed corn.
Corn is an important food, feed and industrial crop. Rich in carbohydrates, carotene, vitamin E. Promotes weight gain.

Basic indicators:
Protein – at least 16%,
Fat – no more than 20%.

Supply volumes by agreement.
Can be supplied in bulk or in packaged packaging.
Delivery by road, railway and sea transport.


We supply wheat and rye bran. Bran in feed is used both in pure form and as a raw material for the production of compound feed. The most valuable feed bran is wheat and rye; it is used as feed for all animals — cattle, pigs, horses, sheep, and poultry. On dairy farms, bran is an indispensable feed.
Delivery volumes are agreed with the buyer.
Delivery in bulk in bags and big bags.
Delivery is possible by different types of transport.


We supply: sunflower, rapeseed, olive, sesame and peanut oil. The mandatory daily diet of humans and animals must include vegetable oils. Each type of oil: sunflower, rapeseed, olive, sesame, soybean, hemp, grape seed oil, corn, peanut, has certain properties and a unique composition and taste. All vegetable oils have in common the fact that they contain fat-soluble vitamins A, E, D, K, some B vitamins, macro and micronutrients, as well as essential polyunsaturated fatty acids.
Packaging: can be delivered in liquid bulk in large quantities, or in pre-packaged packaging of different sizes. Volumes are negotiated with the customer.
Delivery is carried out by different types of transport.

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